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Japanese Yoko Outcall Sensual Massage Happy Ending in London and Heathrow

Call me now on Tel: 07425297129

Continued for happy ending massage London from Home Page ....... I will check the clock again to see how we’re doing so far. If things are MOVING ALONG, and the guy has a nice attitude for me as a young naked girl, I’ll overlook the 5 minute thing for you. I will tell if a guy is genuinely trying to work with me and not take advantage from me, so I will give a guy a few extra minutes’ works a lot better than reminding him he has 1 minute left before he has to resort to masturbation.

Happy Ending Massage London is best sexy massage service in the world!

So anyways, I will start working the balls between my tender fingers. Some guys may cum at this point. I’d say might be half or so. If I fell nothing changes in the hardness of his dick, breathing, or other signs after a minute, I’ll say "You can touch me if you want …" Just the statement alone is enough to bring out the heavy breather in most guys, and once they start squeezing my sexy bottom or cupping my beautiful breasts, and I will count on them finishing in another minute.

After a minute of touching me, if their breathing becomes much rhythmic and but your dick hasn’t become super-hard, then I will start with the Naughty Talking during my happy ending massage London treatment to you:

"Come on baby…Cum for me. You like it while I am working your cock? You like my hands stroking you? I really love to watch a man cum…"

I would like to call this is the Naughty Talking as opposed to the Dirty Talking. With the Naughty Talking, I’ll ask the guy to start imaging and picturing his cock in my mouth or my breasts, or how I’m riding him up and down (always pick an image that works for when he’s on his back with his eyes closed - I learned this technique from Trina).

To get to this point it will take me about 5 minutes or so.

So there you have it ...  it is towards a Happy Ending – Cum!

OK, that is my Happy Ending Massage London service!

Call me now on Tel: 07425297129
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